Tristan is currently splitting his time between Minnesota and Maryland, where he is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Dance.  Because of this, appointments are being made by request only.  If you would like to inquire about the work, availability, and setting up your next session, please send me an email or call directly at 715-252-6699.  You can generally expect  response within 24 hours.

$120-140* for a Rolfing Session 

$100-120* for a Yoga/Movement Session

$20-$50** additional for Home Visit

*Tristan is committed to economic accessibility.  He currently offers a limited number of sessions a month at a sliding-scale fee.  If you are interested in the work, and have a limited budget, please inquire about this possibility.

**.This fee will be waived for all At-Home appointments through at least March 2021

"I always feel safe, at ease, and deeply listened to every time I receive a session from him."

    --Amanda L

"I have been waiting for someone to change how I perceive how my body moves, the interaction of all the moving parts. Tristan has made such an impact on me. I look forward to each session confident that I will feel amazing afterwards."

     --Nancy L

"I refused to try Rolfing for about 40 years! I heard such traumatic stories from individuals about how intense it was in a way that was hard for them to process let alone utilize in their lives... Tristan's careful discussion with me before we even started set the stage for an openness to the experience. And it was a GREAT experience. I really felt a transformation in how I walked and that was just the beginning... It was multilevel in it's impact and I am grateful."

     --Jim L

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Minneapolis, MN 55403

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