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Tristan has been practicing yoga since 2001, and has taught Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga classes both privately and in studios since 2010.  His classes stress individualized approach to alignment, somatic awareness, and spacious breathing.


Many yoga students don't consider private sessions.  However, private sessions are extremely beneficial for students who:

  • are new to yoga, and interested in receiving a clear, one-on-one foundational introduction

  • are experienced practitioners looking for specific guidance as a whole or in particular postures

  • yoga students who have specific issues that need addressing, such as injury, headaches, anxiety, or depression

  • students whose schedules don't allow for regular group classes

From 2018-2022, Tristan, along with his sister Brigitte K Smith, recorded and shared many yoga classes online through Minnesota-based Fusion Yoga. Those videos have been made available to Fusion members. Interested in gaining access? Reach out and ask!


Tristan offers movement consultation that can be integrated into a series of Rolfing sessions, or as a stand-alone session.


Many people have questions about how to inhabit their bodies in contemporary culture.  While the human body is very structurally intelligent, cultural habits and practices can distance a person from the inherent ease and comfort that is possible.

We can work together to work dynamically with your posture, alignment, and movement patterns. Tristan can offer simple exercises that can have profound effects on overall wellness.


45 minute yoga practice in 30 seconds!!_
Spiraldynamik®️coordination of the gleno
Create space without adding tension. Mob
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