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Dr. Rolf created a very clear framework for her approach to be shared.  She developed a Rolfing® Ten-Series, which consists of ten 60-to-75-minute sessions each carefully designed to work through specific territory of the body. Tristan caters each session to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.


Sessions 1-3 focus primarily on breath and mobility of superficial tissue.  These sessions also pay close attention to larger structures in the body that affect movement of the limbs. These three sessions canwork as a stand-alone series, providing an excellent introduction to the work.


Sessions 4-7 focus on unraveling deeper tensions in the core of the body, specifically on differentiating and relating the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms, as well as deep structures that bring more adaptability and movement to the pelvis, spine, rib cage, and jaw.


Sessions 8-10 aim to integrate the client's entire system with clear alignment and more energy.  While earlier sessions might help a client feel all the parts of their body as separate and independent pieces, these sessions encourage clarity of relationships between these parts.

While receiving the Ten-Series clients choose to receive a session every 1-3 weeks.  Most clients complete the entire series in 3-4 months.







Feel free to inquire with any questions you have, or if you are interested in setting up a session!


See The Rolf Institute® for more info about Rolfing.

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