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Is Rolfing® painful?

What does a session look like?

What should I wear?

Is Rolfing® just a deep-tissue massage?

Is Rolfing® only physical?

Is Rolfing painful?

The key to a good session is the comfort of the client. Rolfing® often has a reputation for being painful, however this myth is not true. Tristan encourages the client to pay attention to a full range of sensations, and he works at a speed and depth that usually feels like a satisfying and relieving pressure. Back to Top

What does a session look like?

Most sessions will follow a similar format: each starts with some simple movement assessment, followed by some tissue work while the client lays on a table (this is the part that may look similar to a massage), and closing with some movement education around integrating the work into everyday practice and being. Back to Top


What should I wear?

Most sessions will be done with the client wearing simple undergarments. Tristan suggests clients bring something comfortable and supportive.  Some examples: underwear, running shorts, or yoga shorts. Women and trans-folks with breast tissue,  please also bring a bra or tank top. Back to Top

Is Rolfing just a deep-tissue massage?

Similar to massage, Rolfing utilizes soft-tissue manipulation techniques.  However, Rolfing® is unique in that it encourages interaction and attention from the client to facilitate long-term structural change. Back to Top

Is Rolfing only physical?

This depends on the client.  Rolfing is an excellent catalyst for evoking change as unique as the clients themselves.  Dr. Rolf, the founder of Structural Integration, used to get frustrated when people declared that her work only focused on the physical body.  In response to this, she would say that she's focused on the holistic person (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual), but the physical body was simply what she could get her hands on.  Rolfing approaches the body as a source of reliable information and an expression of whole self. Back to Top

Feel free to inquire with any questions you have, or if you are interested in setting up a session!


See The Rolf Institute® for more info about Rolfing.

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